Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Ramblings...

1. First of all, I bit the bullet and signed up this m0rning to sell Scentsy wick less candles.  I hope to share more about it later in the week.    I am super excited about this opportunity to create some income with this business.

2. My parents visited this weekend for two nights.  We had a great visit.  My mom helped me finish unpacking the guest bedroom.  We enjoyed yummy meals, a trip to BJs, the farmer's market, a tour of Newport, and a family BBQ.

3. Today is Labor Day.  I went grocery shopping {after making a meal plan and a grocery list} and Chris took Maddie to see the new Spy Kids movie and to Michaels to get a sketch pad she needed for art class.

4. Speaking of meal plan's... my brother-in-law is coming over for dinner tomorrow with his daughter.  I will be serving make your own chicken soft tacos, beef enchiladas, Mexican corn cake, Mexican rice, and chips and salsa + a chocolate cream pie for dessert.

5. Maddie started her new school last week and LOVES it... well as much as a 7th grader can love school.  This makes me so happy.  However she does not like to be walked to and from the bus stop.  On Friday afternoon she was so worried my mom was going to come meet her at the bus stop she sent me this hysterical text -

6.  I made peanut butter cup brownies and assorted chocolate cupcakes {some were cream filled, some topped with chocolate ganache and Butterfingers bits, and the rest with chocolate ganache and peanut butter cups} for the BBQ I mentioned above.  They were a huge hit.

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B. Wilson said...

omg. I might need that ganache goodness. Wow. It looks incredible and I'm sure it tastes incredible, too.

Maddie is adorable and I love that text. Hahaha. Too cool for school.