Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabulous Fridays

This is going to be quick.  We ordered Bridesmaids on pay per view and it starts in 11 minutes.

This morning I got up and did my usual morning routine - making a hot breakfast and packing lunches for Chris and Maddie.

After she went to school I got sucked into the original 16 & Pregnant on MTV while folding laundry.  This morning was Macy & Ryan.  I didn't really want to get ready to go volunteer at Madison's school... but I went anyways.

I got there and her teacher looked at me like I was nuts.  I swear I was supposed to be there today from 9-12, but she didn't need me until 11:30.  So I left.

I ended up at Target.

Since I had skipped breakfast I went to the Starbucks inside for a cup of heaven or otherwise known as a salted caramel hot chocolate.

While in the dollar section looking at the Halloween stuff a lady  starts randomly talking to me.  I hate when people do this.  She went on and on how her complex makes you only have a sign on your door to say you want trick or treaters and she just isn't doing this.  She goes on and on about how she is decorating.  I nodded and muttered a few "umm hmms" and then went to the next row of dollar stuff... and then I heard her start up with someone else.  I wanted to say "Listen lady... I get it... I have no friends either... I am all alone at Target too... but unlike you I am not friend searching at Target".  I may sound like a total B*TCH... but I wasn't in the mood for Halloween decorate conversations with strangers.

I did pick these up which I read about on some blog.  YUMM-O.  I said they were for Maddie when I threw them in my cart... but I really wanted them too.

I ended up with about $95 of randomness... some sodas, some jeans for Maddie, three bags of Halloween candy, some pumpkin pie yogurt I cannot wait to try, paper plates, organic vanilla milk, etc....

Gosh... I love Target.

We went to dinner tonight.  We haven't been out to dinner at a restaurant (Subway doesn't count) in two weeks.  I think we definitely enjoyed it more than usual.  Madison told me this week she missed going to restaurants.  It was nice to relax and have someone else serve me and clean up the dishes.

Now we are about to watch a movie.  Next week I can't wait to share more about this neat DIY project I did for Madison's room.  Here is a sneak peek -

Happy Weekend!!

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