Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's OK - 9.15.11

I am linking up again today for It's OK Thursdays....

Its Ok Thursdays

~It's OK to pretend you forgot to pick up the grapes your husband asked for at the grocery store... because they were $2.99 a pound... you are on a budget... and think grapes should always be $.99 a pound.

~It's OK  to wish every single morning when the alarm goes off at 6 am that you could just stay in bed instead of getting up to make a hot breakfast for both your husband and daughter.

~It's OK to prefer baking and blogging over house work and job hunting.

~It's OK to be 33, a mother, and watch the Jersey Shore and Teen Mom.  Is it just me or is Amber being kind of a fake good mom now with all of this CPS stuff going on?

~It's OK to be totally 100% serious when your husband comes home from work to tell you that a co-worker's college sophomore girlfriend is unexpectedly pregnant and to immediately tell him to tell the co-worker we want to adopt the baby.  Unfortunately my husband wasn't as on board with this idea as I was... and frankly I am not sure what their plans are for this baby... but I was and am serious.

~It's OK to watch Up All Night and the Rachel Zoe Project on your DVR in bed before attempting to begin any household chores this morning.

~Happy Thursday~


Destiny said...

I hate that grapes cost so much! That is why I don't get them either. Damn budgets.

Lisa Liberati said...

Do you watch Parenthood? Great show. One of the main characters asked her pregnant coffee cart lady if she could buy her baby, it was pretty funny. I say you should ask :)