Monday, September 26, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I am linking up at lowercase letters today for Miscellany Monday. 

1. Craiglist Find - I have been wanting some sort of sofa table thingy for my entry way.  Saturday night I looked on Craigslist and found one!! So Sunday we piled in the car and took the 40 minute trip to pick it up.  I love this table - it's actually called a country server.  It is made out of solid pine and still is sold in the store for $179.99.  I have plans for some fun paint for it and some new knobs - I cannot wait to share it when it's finished.

2. Reality TV - This morning after Madison left for school I crawled back in bed and watched Sister Wives and Kendra from last night.  I love both of those shows.

3. Our Pet Free Home - Poor Maddie pouted and cried all day Saturday.  She announced at lunch she wanted a puppy.  After reminding her of their cost and care not to mention the fact that Chris and I are so not pet people she pouted and ignored us for most of the day. 

4. I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant - I will admit in my obsession of trash reality TV I have watched this TLC show before.  My sister got quite the kick out of the text I sent her the other day in regards to it.  Although I was 100% serious... sometimes I do really really wish I was pregnant and didn't know {not sure how that really happens} and that I would one day have a baby in the bathroom. 

5. Bridesmaids - We watched this on Friday night.  It was okay.  I did not think it was as funny as everyone tried to make it out to be.

6. Car Seat Safety - It makes me cringe when I see photos of parents using car seats incorrectly.  I see it all of the time - on Facebook, on blogs, or on TV shows.  This blog post gives some great and easy to follow tips on car seat safety. Here are 7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe.   This is NOT how your baby should be in the car seat!  This is wrong.  If your baby rides around in the car like this, this is just one of the wrong ways parents put their kids in car seats. 

The chest clip is too low.  It needs to be between the nipples and the sternum.  It is not doing ANY good down over your baby's tummy.

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