Friday, September 16, 2011

An Amazing New School

Before our big move to Rhode Island this summer I was a teacher.  I was an overwhelmed, tired, and burnt out teacher.  I was so excited to move so I could stop teaching. 

This morning I went in and volunteered in Madison's 7th grade English class for two hours.  I found myself eating the words I recently muttered of "I WILL NEVER TEACH AGAIN". 

I loved the classroom.  I loved the atmosphere.  I loved sitting down in the library and conferencing one on one with several students about books they had recently read.  I loved being in the classroom and while the teacher was working with one table I noticed another table of three boys who seemed distracted.  I sat down with them and got them motivated to work.  We started their assignment together.  I gave each one of them individual attention.  I started to remember why I went into teaching.  I started to remember what my job had been like before it made me cold and angry and bitter. 

The middle school here in Rhode Island is like night and day from the one I worked at in Virginia.  I am so thankful that my Madison has been given the opportunity to go to this amazing school.

Guess what? I am going back next Friday to volunteer again.  I am also seriously considering taking a part-time or temporary teaching position for this great school system.

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