Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Might Not Know...

You might not know this about me but....

1. I have a huge fear of falling down the stairs...which makes me go down stairs in the weirdest one foot at a time way 99.9% of the time...embarrassing.

2. I love love love trashy reality TV...pretty much I will watch a reality TV show on just about any topic... My favorites being Teen Mom and Hard Time {about prisons}.

3. I would get so much more done if I didn't have a laptop or my iPhone with an Internet connection.  All sorts of great blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, and Words with Friends are always sucking up my time.  I bet my entire house would be unpacked from my August 8th move in... or my etsy bakery shop would be fully up and running... my 2011 digital family album would be done started... or a slew of other things I could've  or should've been doing.

4. I got pregnant my junior year of college.  Dropped out, moved home, worked full time as an intern at the CIA, and then had a baby.  Then I moved back to school {3.5 hours away} moving into a small one bedroom apartment, enrolling my baby at the university daycare, and finished my degree as a single mama.   I have lots of respect for single moms.

5. I met my husband on eHarmony.  I finally responded to his request the day his membership was ending.  I never would have 'matched' up with him at a bar which had been my go to meeting spot.  eHarmony does.  I swear.  I recommended it to a friend.  She was engaged in several months. If you are single and looking...sign up.  I am pretty sure you will meet someone awesome and be engaged in a year.

6. I love diet wild cherry pepsi...and cherry coke zero.  I drink it in the morning.  I drink too much of it.  Sometimes I think I need an IV of it.  But guess what... as soon as I am pregnant... I will give it up.  No baby = I am going to keep on drinking it.  Baby = no more until it's born.

I'd love for you to comment with two things I do not know about you!

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