Monday, November 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I am linking up for Miscellany Monday.

1. I haven't blogged in a week... some things have been going on here with our family... that really could go either way... positive or negative... of course we are hoping for the positive and should have some definite answers on Thursday... when I will share more... either way.

2. My blog design is ready.  I am just waiting for it to be installed. Miranda from Little Sailor Design did it.  I cannot wait to see it live on the blog...hopefully within a day or so.  It is a total new look and name for the blog. 

3. Last week was my first full week at my new job... meaning I worked 19 hours.  I am only part-time so my maximum will be 20 hours a week.  I really enjoy it.  Today I logged in 6 hours and 20 minutes.  This morning I was dreading it... because it was pretty much all day while Madison was at school and I didn't have time to get much else done (like watching TLC or napping) but it went by pretty fast.  I really caught on quick and I am so thankful to be working from home.

4. I bought my first Christmas presents this weekend... finally.  I got 3 tank tops for Madison she had been wanting.  I have some other items saved in my online shopping carts that I need to order this week.

5.  My husband is obsessed with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox and football... I am annoyed by both.

6. I am so thankful the weather the last week has been slightly warmer.  Yesterday I didn't even need my jacket when we walked out of Target and today I worked with the front door open to let in the fresh air.  I am going to be sad when we have to start cranking the heat up again and lighting fires.

7. My reality TV obsessed self watched Real Housewives of Atlanta (where I SWEAR I saw Kim...who is pregnant drinking white wine while out to dinner with Sheree), Kendra, Sister Wives (I swear I love this show more and more the longer it is on), and All-American Muslim last night.  I can pretty much watch a reality TV show on just about anything.

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Sarah said...

Number 5 made me laugh! I'm pretty sure I would be annoyed by both too!

I gave you a blog award!! :)