Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Invitation Christmas Ornaments - DIY Tutorial

Earlier in the week I discussed how I had a goal to make at least 3 things from my Pinterest boards...and well tonight I made my first thing.

This was so easy to make.  I made this one for a cousin who is getting married this weekend.  As soon as I find my stash of leftover wedding invitations... I will be making one for ME!!

These are selling on Etsy for $10-$20.  Craziness!!

I suggest making your own.

I bought a 4 pack of clear glass ornaments from Michaels.  They were regularly $4.99 are are 50% off through Saturday.

I took the wedding invitation and used my paper cutter (you could use scissors) and cut it into thin strips making sure to leave all relevant information (names, dates, etc..) in tact.

Next I used a pen to curl the strips.

Then I opened the top of the ornament and stuffed in the paper pieces.

You could also make them using shower invitations.  So if you have a leftover invitation, this would be an easy ornament for you to make for your tree this year.


Lauren said...

I think that is really cute!! I'll need to hunt down our extra invites to do this.

Rebecca @ Better Life Bags said...

I wanted to do this this year, but didn't find any clear ornaments before Christmas (ok, let's face it... I just didn't hunt hard enough).

And thanks for linking up to the!