Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am linking up today for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I am loving my new blog name and design.  It is so different from my usual pink and green, but I love it.  Miranda at Little Sailor Design did it.  Check her out of you are in need of a blog makeover.  She is fabulous and easy to work with. 

I am loving that I had time this morning to bake up 9 jumbo chewy chocolate chip cookies using a new recipe I found on Pinterest.  I used my muffin top pan to make them.  They are cooking now... I hope they are great.  I booked a job to bake 50 chocolate chip cookies for the out of town guest bags for my cousin's December wedding and I have been trying out recipes for that special job. Update - They turned out great!!

I am loving  support from friends/fellow bloggers.  My blogger friend Brandy sent me an email last week in regards to something that happened that I shared privately with her.  I was so thankful for her "tell it like it is" response.  Sometimes you just have to hear the truth... no matter how painful it may be.  Another blogger friend emailed me and just said "I am sorry".  Sometimes... that is all you need to hear... that is enough.

I am loving that I am probably going to end up doing about 95% of my Christmas shopping online.  I absolutely love shopping online.


Kara said...

Love the new blog design!!

Kaitlyn said...

I was looking at my dashboard and I saw "a dozen years later" and I was like- wait a second... who is this??? haha, I love the new site!