Sunday, November 27, 2011

I've Stopped...

I've stopped...

making great dinners,

taking photos,

putting effort into my baking,


reading good books,

caring what I look like when I go out ( shirt I wear all of the time and eyebrows who haven't been waxed in forever),

taking my time with the things I do,

putting forth much effort in connecting with family and friends,

volunteering at Madison's school, and

being interested in doing anything social.

Some of these things stopped with the move from hell this summer... some stopped as the months passed where we weren't conceiving, some stopped when I was pregnant and just too tired for anything, and some stopped once I knew our baby was no more...

I want my life back.

I want all of those things back in it.

I want it to be better than if ever was before.

2011 has sucked.  I refuse to let the last month of it continue to suck. 

There are some changes to be made.

1 comment:

LiNdZ FiTz said...

hang in there missy. you are a hilarious, caring friend and an awesome mom to maddie. stay positive, and when you come to town again we should get together. We always have a nice time and you never fail to make me laugh. love, lindsey :)