Monday, November 28, 2011

Stop PINning... Start Doing...

If you are anything like me you probably PIN a ton of stuff... but never get around to making any of it yourself.  I have decided this week will be different.

I will be making two of these ornaments - one using OUR wedding invitation and one using my cousin's wedding invitation (she is getting married this weekend).  Isn't this a fun and easy idea?

Next I have high hopes to make this canvas for my bedroom.

And maybe if I am feeling motivated I may even whip up a batch of these three ingredient peanut butter cookies.

If you are a constant pinner like me... who has way more pins to do than pins you have done, I encourage you to challenge yourself to choose two pins to work on this week.  Then make a board called Things Pinterest Inspired Me to Make like I did... and you can move those pins over there.

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Kaitlyn said...

Love it- I need to do this too!