Monday, November 21, 2011

Feature Your Handmade Shop/Small Business for FREE

Do you have an Etsy shop or another at home business?

If so, I'd love to offer you free advertising space through Christmas as well as a feature in two upcoming holiday shopping posts on my blog.

I don't have hundreds of followers.

But, I do believe in supporting women who have started businesses for themselves.  I do believe supporting small businesses and start up businesses whenever possible instead of big chain stores.

So hopefully this will bring you some free exposure and a little bit of traffic to either your blogs, Etsy shops, or other home based business.

Feel free me to send me your avatars and a little blurb about your shop to my email.  Use "Free Sponsorship" in the subject line. and I will get them up with a day or two.  I am excited to see what everyone sells and to possibly do some of my holiday shopping through your businesses.  I hope you will check back for some of your holiday shopping as well.

I sell Scentsy... so that would be the only competing business I would not be taking on... I hope you understand.

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