Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Musings

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I am participating in Miscellany Monday today over at lowercase letters

(1) Carissa over at lowercase letters happens to be doing a giveaway today from lisa leonard designs.  I love lisa leonard designs.  The pendant in my header was ordered from her.  We gave it to our daughter on our wedding day to symbolize our marriage.  She has a fabulous items and a pretty neat blog.  You should definitely check her out.

(2) I am supposed to be on a diet.  I went to the grocery store yesterday.  It was a long day at work.  We had a meeting where there was pizza.  I refrained from getting a slice...or two...and then I came home and  ordered Papa Johns for dinner.  I also plan on baking something tonight.   And eating what I baked Oh well...tomorrow is a fresh start.

(3) It is supposed to snow tonight.  It better.  I need a day off.  Yes...another one.  Next week I also have several days I am taking off of work.  I still need a snow day.  I will take all of the days off of work I can get.

(4) I missed Real Housewives of Atlanta last night.  I MUST watch it tonight.

(5) My friend Kara over at Happy Go Lucky is starting a new Wacky Wednesday link up.  So check out her blog...start thinking of your Wacky Wednesday post ...and participate...please.  She should have a post up tonight regarding how it will work with a button that will link back to her page to share with everyone.



Kara said...

You are cohosting Wacky Wednesdays with me.

Kerri said...

Oh goodness - I watch the ATL train wreck, too - in horror when the promo says "southern hospitality at it's finest" I want to throw up!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

Thanks for linking up! I love what you gave your daughter on your wedding day! So beautiful and what a perfect way to include her.