Thursday, January 20, 2011

To Have Another Baby or Not?

Not my usual recipe...or craft...but something very much on my mind.

Did you recently see Octomom on Oprah? Did anyone watch? I watched it yesterday on the dvr with my husband...who happened to come home from work to me watching it. She had Suze Orman on there giving her financial advice.

One of the things I felt that was the best part of the show is they Suze told her you are no worse than the parents who have 4 kids...are struggling to provide and have a 5th, no worse than the parents with 1...who are struggling to provide, and have a 2nd. She had 6...was struggling and ended up with 8 more. But she knew she was struggling with the 6 and decided to have another pregnancy. It really made sense to me. It really made me respect her more that she admitted she made a mistake, is struggling, and needs help.

It also made me think a lot of about my own situation, my desire to have another baby, yet knowing we are about to embark on a big move for our family, to a place where I don't have a job yet, not sure if I will find a job or what I will do, and we are also about to spend lots of money on orthodontic work for Madison (starting today...she has a 3pm appointment). My parents offered to pay for all of the orthodontics for Maddie. How silly would it be for us to go ahead and have another baby when my parents are paying for the medical bills of the child we already have?

Up until now...well ever since the wedding we have just been of the mentality if it happens...we even had a month where we definitely thought we were expecting (very late period)...but we weren't. I am going to resume birth control with my next period for at least the next year when then we will be able to take another closer/harder look at our situation and where a new baby would fit.  I definitely think its the smart decision to do...a decision that is made with our heads...and not our hearts.

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