Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I am Loving Wednesday

It is time for What I am Loving Wednesday again thanks to Jaime over at This Kind of Love.  Go there to check out some other great What I am Loving Wednesday lists.  Mine is going to be very brief I waited until after 9 PM to do it and I am ready for bed.  It sure has been hard getting used to being back at work this week.


I am loving that tomorrow is Thursday...and it might snow and I may get to stay home from work.  WOOHOO!!  I am trying not to get my hopes up...


I am loving that our Chasing Fireflies catalog came in the mail this week.  I love looking through it...although most of the stuff is too young for my daughter and too pricey for my 2011 budget.  I did however see these Melt My Heart Cookies $12 - and immediately think I can make those! That is exactly what I plan on doing for Valentine's Day.  I happened to pick up several boxes of the holiday Oreos at Target after Christmas for like $1.40 a bag...with plans to make Valentine's Day treats out of them.   I need to pick up some white candy melts and red or pink sprinkles and some cute gift boxes - all of which I can get at A.C. Moore with a 40% off coupon and make these for WAY less than $12 for 6 cookies


I am loving Weight Watchers Key Lime Pie yogurt.   I accidentally picked it up on Sunday and unhappily took it with me to work together for lunch.  I tossed in my granola...mixed it up...and it was FABULOUS! I had to run to the store tonight for a few things and these yogurts were on I picked up two more for my lunch tomorrow and Thursday.  YUMMY!  If you are on the new Weight Watchers...with the new program...these are no longer just a point...but they are still fabulous.


kebowman said...

cute blog!! :) hope to talk to you soon!!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Those cookies sound delicious!

Christine Bilek said...

the cookie idea is perfect!!! You can totally make them and you get a gold star for picking the oreos up post-xmas for so cheap! ;)