Monday, January 3, 2011

My Version of Project 365

Project 365 where you take a photo a day has been around on the blog world for a bit.  I have always been interested in it.  If you are new to Project 365 you can read about it {here} on Photojojo.

I took my photo on Saturday.  It is a terrible camera phone photo I snapped Saturday night before bed. Here it is -

Umm...and then I forgot a Sunday photo.  I screwed up on Day #2.  But guess what? Today I remembered to take a photo.  Madison and I headed to Target after school to pick up a few things.  But first we stopped at the Target cafe for one of her favorite snacks - Pizza Hut bread sticks and a Dr. Pepper.  Hopefully my husband doesn't read this.  We are trying to only buy NEEDS...not WANTS...I don't think he will believe she NEEDED this snackI snapped a photo.  Here it is -

 I do not plan on keeping my photos on my blog...although they may appear here from time to time.  I set up my Project 365 through a Shutterfly photo book.  I love making these books.  Tonight I set up a 5 x 7 album.  I will have 3 small photos with 3 captions on each page.  Each time I take a photo, I will add it to the book along with a little caption to describe the photo.  They will not always be photos of Madison.  They can be photos of other people, places, or things.  The possibilities are endless.

I really hope yesterday is the only day I forget to snap a photo.  I think this will turn out to be an amazing memento for Madison.  I look forward to sharing it with her at the end of 2011.   We are hoping for a great year.

Do you do the Project 365? If so, share your link.  I would love to take a look.


Kerri said...
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Kerri said...

I have always wanted to, but I feel it is wayyy to ambitious for me. This year I was THRILLED to find Project 52!!

Thanks for the Shutterfly idea! I love making those books, too, but had not thought to use it for the project. :)