Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Busier Weekend Than Usual

We usually don't do much on the weekends... but this weekend was busier than usual

Friday night we picked up Chinese food and Chris and Maddie watched movies while I worked on my Christmas cards... a few went out Saturday morning...but then I needed more stamps... so the rest will go out tomorrow.  I didn't order enough... oh well.  I will be posting my card this week...but here is a little sneak peek.

I worked a four hour shift on Saturday.  Chris and Maddie went out to run errands which included picking up Dunkin Donuts gift cards for her two bus drivers.   Her bus has never been pick her up or drop her off.  I figure a bus driver is a pretty thankless job and I just wanted to do something small to thank them and to let them know I appreciate their punctuality. 

Later that day my Aunt Carol and Uncle John drove in from Massachusetts to visit.  They've really made a great effort since we have moved closer to reach out to us, invite us to family gatherings, out for meals, and even to come to their house for Thanksgiving.  So we enjoyed being able to spend the afternoon/evening with them in Rhode Island.  We enjoyed at late lunch at the Coddington Brewery.  Then they came back to our house for a little football and to hang out.  I sent them home with some goodies - 7 layer bars and chocolate peanut butter pretzel balls (which by the way are amazing)...although they ate plenty of them while still here. 

This morning I had to be up and out of the house early.  I occaisonally help out a local family with three small children.  I answered an ad a bit ago.  They have twin babies and a 2 1/2 year old and basically when one of them is working... the other one just needs an extra hand.  I was really dreading going this morning because it was cold and I wanted to stay in bed, but once I got there the time went by the extra cash isn't bad either.

This afternoon I headed out solo to finishing shopping for stocking stuffers... I picked up a Paris locket and chain Madison had seen while out yesterday with Chris, a Paris notebook, a fun graphic tee, some candy, some gel pens, and some headbands...all to stuff in her stocking.  Then I stopped at BJs to pick up a few things...mainly trash bags which we were totally out of before heading home.

I cannot believe Christmas is in a week.  I am making Christmas dinner here and need to finalize my meal plan for that day.

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