Friday, December 30, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

Madison has been gone since Monday morning visiting her grandparents in Virginia and Chris and I have had a great week together.

Chris and I both worked on Tuesday.  When he came home we headed to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner.  Afterwards we went to the Christmas Tree Shops for a little shopping.  I got a frame I needed and a heart shaped cookie pop pan for just $2.99 which I cannot wait to use for Valentine's Day.

Chris took off Wednesday and after sleeping in we got in the car and headed to Massachusetts {which is actually really close to Rhode Island}.  We stopped and had lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe {one of Chris' favorites from Virginia} and then went to A.C. Moore.  I am on the hunt for mini 2x2 canvases... which I cannot seem to find anywhere.  Then we headed to Target.  We came home and did laundry and went through some boxes in the basement looking for a frame I wanted to reuse for another photo.  We ordered Chinese food for dinner and hung out and watched movies.

Yesterday I worked until 3.  Chris and I ordered a pizza for dinner and watched Our Idiot Brother which had come from Netflix.  We stayed up way later than usual and Chris watched football and I finally uploaded all of my 2011 photos and started my 2011 Shutterfly family album.  I am just about finished and will finish later tonight.

This morning I went and signed up for Curves. It really killed me to pay the sign up fee... but I figured if I was motivated now, I might as well do it now instead of waiting until March when they have the no joining fee. Of course they are now closed until the 3rd.. but I will be going then. I chose Curves for a few reasons... (1) it is super close to our house (2) I have gone there before so I am familiar with the equipment (3) I am hoping it will give me some socialization.

Afterwards I came home to get Chris and we headed out for a date day lunch.  We went to one of our favorite local places here, the Coddington Brewery and enjoyed a great lunch.  Then we picked up some photos I ordered from Walgreens {that I got for FREE}, went to Home Depot {to get paint and scrap wood for a new project I am working on}, to the Dollar Tree {for something else for the project}, to BJ's for a few things, and then to a local coffee shop for smoothies before heading home. 

We miss Maddie but have really enjoyed spending a lot of quality time together this week.  It has been really good for our marriage.

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Debbie said...

I found the canvas online.