Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Randoms...

1. I mentioned earlier this week that my boss approached me about working more hours in 2012.  Well this afternoon she called me to offer me more hours starting next Monday.  So of course I said yes.  I will be working 28-32 hours a week beginning Monday.  This couldn't have come at a better time.  I really do enjoy my job.

2. Last night I made "homemade" pizza.  I used a technique my blogger friend, Brandy discussed on her blog and the pizza turned out amazing.  I preheated the oven, then I put the pizza stone in until it was hot.  Then I placed my rolled out dough on the hot stone, added sauce, cheese, and toppings, and then baked it for about 16 minutes at 450 degrees.  It was so good.  The bottom was crispy (unlike when I usually make it).  I will be definitely making my pizzas this way from now on.  Thanks Brandy.  Next week I need to try her bbq chicken pizza.

3. I feel better physically.  My energy is back.  Those crazy painful pains have ceased.  I go to the doctor today for a follow-up apppointment.  Since I have to go... I will be taking a trip to Target and treating myself to lunch at Panera beforehand. I did have a little meltdown yesterday... but I think that is to be expected.

4. I am working on a fun hand painted sign.  It will say "Today I Will Choose Joy".  I definitely think it is a good reminder for every day.   I used a technique I pinned on Pinterest to transfer the letters to the painted wood.  Here is a little sneak peak

5. I really need to get a move on with my Christmas shopping.  I have purchased 3 items for Madison.  That is it.  I am going to place an Amazon order soon which will knock out most of my list.

6. I downloaded a free app for my phone the other day.  Now I can not only read my blogs in Google Reader from my phone, but I downloaded a Blogger app where I can blog from my phone.  This is what it looks like if you are interested -


Just the Two of US said...

Happy friday! yay for homemade pizza! love it! cute sign can't wait to see the finished project!

B. Wilson said...

Glad you loved the pizza! It took years of trying and nearly ruining my pizza stone to figure it out.

Also, what is this google reader app? I don't have that downloaded and desperately need it!!!