Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book Review - Waiting for Daisy by Peggy Orenstein

I shared last week that I had ordered this book.  It was a quick read and I enjoyed it very much.  A lot of it hit home with me. Waiting for Daisy - A Tale of Two Continents, Three Religions, Five Infertility Doctors, an Oscar, An Atomic Bomb, a Romantic Night, and One Woman's Quest to Become a Mother is definitely a book I would recommend.  It is the memoir of author, Peggy Orenstein and is a New York Times bestseller.

Here are some of the parts I marked while reading that 'hit' me for different reasons.  When I am reading I like to mark the pages or lines I want to return to.

  • It's devestating.  In some ways it's even harder when you already have a child, because you know what you're missing.
  • "It feels so unfair " I complained to Steven.  "Everyone else has a baby.  I've been through so much- I should get to have one, too."  "You're wrong, " he said.  "It's not unfair, Unfair is when my friend, Lynn died at forty-two.  Unfair is her daughter was only three at the time.  This is unfortunate, but it's not unfair.
  • You prentend to talk about normal things, but I can tell you're thinking about fertility the whole time.  You're this angry bitter person fixated on having a baby.
  • The only way to survive this is to be grateful for the two of us, for what we have together.

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