Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my husband Chris...the only father Madison has ever known...the father she deserved to have all along.
{Here is Chris on our wedding day presenting Madison with a necklace to symbolize our new family}

I was a single mom from before she was born until Chris became a permanent fixture in our lives.  Chris and I never pushed for a relationship between him and Madison...instead we let it develop naturally on its on...and it has blossomed.

Having never had a dad... I am not sure she knew what to expect...

I think he has surpassed any expectations her or I could possibly have for him.

They have nicknames for one another.  He calls her "Mad Dog" and she calls him "Topher".

They both like the same music...or should I say she has learned to enjoy the music he loves.

They both like the same movies...or should I say she is interested in any movie he is interested in.

They laugh together and joke around all of the time.

He will sit and patiently listen to her stories of middle school drama and about her Sims computer games.

She will sit and watch him play video games.

She always loves to tag along to the store when he goes.

She trusts him and confides in him.

They love one another.

I love my husband.  I love what an amazing father he has become to Madison.  I do not think they would be any closer or he would love her any more even if he was her biological father.  That is a real man.


Erin McGinnis said...

That is beautiful Melissa! I am so happy that Madison has the daddy that she has always deserved!!!

Kaitlyn said...