Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Weekend via Instagram Photos

I am loving the Instagram app on my iPhone.  I just love the different features it has to make your photos look neat. 

Here are some of my Instagram photos from this past weekend -

This is the yummy strawberry margarita I had on Friday night.  It came with a candy swizzle stick.

Saturday morning after the bank we stopped at Dunkin Donuts... I had some chocolate donut holes...paired with what else? A diet Pepsi.

Maddie went with a glazed donut.

Sunday we had brunch at the restaurant we were married at.  This cool piece of art was in the bathroom.

Our appetizers at brunch on Sunday.  My husband and I went with lunch choices which included calamari (his choice) and crab dip (my choice).  We had the crab did at our wedding reception...YUMMY!

Here is Madison in front of Waterman's (the place we were married at).

Waterman's in Virginia Beach

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Gina said...

Mmm....a margarita with a candy stick? It can't get much better than that!