Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekly Goals for Myself {$$$}

Last week my job as a teacher ended.  I am still getting paid because I had the option as a 10 month employee of getting my paycheck divided into 12 months of payments.  As of now I have no job lined up for when we move to Rhode Island.  At some point...sooner rather than later...I am going to need to be bringing in some sort of income. So I have decided to be a little more thrifty and spending conscious this see how it goes.  At the end of the week I will re-evaluate my goals and tweak what is necessary for the other weeks of summer.

My GOALS for Next Week

1. No crazy Target trips... if we need toiletries...fine...but no random purchases...even from the $1 section....and no magazines  It may be best just to avoid Target whatsoever.

2. Don't buy any Groupons... I love looking and buying. Actually today's Groupon is for a photo was really hard for me to not buy it...but I didn't. 

3. Limit lunches and dinners out.  Its so easy with my husband working out of town to just take Madison to Moes or Chick -fil- A.

4. No online shopping....of any kind.  Stay off of

5. Try to use up items we have in our pantry and freezer because we will be moving soon and we won't be bringing any food items with it.

6. Try to make money.  I have several things to list on ebay and in my etsy shops...I need to work on that.

Do you set any weekly or monthly financial goals for yourself?

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B. Wilson said...

Hah! Stay away from etsy. That's one of my faves. Me too. I can't search without buying on that dang site.

Also a Groupon and Target lover. Just bought a Groupon today, actually!

Before me moved across country, I made a list of meals I needed to make in order to use up our stock. It actually helped keep me out of the stores.