Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Easy Photo Canvas Project

I need to charge my digital camera batteries so I can take decent photos... These are all from my iPhone... so I apologize for the laziness and poor photo quality.   Not to mention my photos are out of order.

I am currently obsessed with photo canvases.  Every time Groupon offers it, I get one.  We currently have 2 large ones, 1 smaller one, and 1 on the way that I have ordered.

I read somewhere online where it was super easy to make your own.  So I had two favorite photos printed off, purchased some canvases (there is a cheap art supply store by our house that has the cheapest and largest assortment), and some Mod Podge (using a 50% off coupon at A.C. moore) and was ready to go.

{The one on the left is one I ordered and the two in the middle are the new ones I finished tonight}

{Here is a closer shot.  With the second one I painted the edges on all sides with black paint to go better with the black and white photo.  This is one from our wedding.}

{This is what it looks like after you have coated it with the Mod Podge and you are waiting for it to dry}

{Here is my photo and canvas before starting}

{I used my paper cutter to trim the photo so it was slightly smaller than the canvas for the best fit}

I am going back to the store tomorrow to pick up more canvases... I am hooked on this fun and easy project.

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