Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Baking Frenzy

Today I am a crazy baking lady.

I am doing a wedding this weekend.

Yesterday I picked up of these jumbo sizes baking items at BJ's.

I still had to go to the regular grocery store for some other items I needed in small quantities.  On Tuesday, Kara, from Happy Go Lucky, came over and helped me re-decorate the cupcake tower I am going to display them on.

I am baking 48 Chocolate Buttermilk cupcakes, 48 Carrot Pineapple cupcakes, and 24 Coconut Almond cupcakes, as well as a 6 inch Chocolate Buttermilk cut cake for the bride and the groom.  I am also going to do a seperate 6-pack of cupcakes for the bride and groom to enjoy when they leave the wedding or the next day since they are not leaving for a week for their honeymoon. 

I am honored they selected me to do the baking for their wedding.  I am also fortunate enough to attend the wedding.  My former college roommate, Amy, is getting married.  I hope I hear only positive remarks from the other guests about my cupcakes...

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Kara said...

Good Luck! I can't wait to see pictures. I know you will do an amazing job!!