Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Wedding Recap # 2 - The Wedding Ceremony

I will admit it... I was a crazy and stressed out mess in the weeks and months leading up to our wedding.  I was bitchy and moody and spent most nights tossing and turning while consumed with wedding thoughts.  The day of my wedding I was fine.  I was relaxed and didn't have any meltdowns... well that was until right before the actual ceremony. 

We had planned to be married outside on the beach and had spent quite a bit of money renting chairs.  When I was having my makeup done, I received a text from my husband-to-be that it was raining/lightening and the lifeguards were closing the beach.  YIKES.  Even then... I didn't lose it.   I agreed to have it inside the restaurant we were hosting out reception.  I didn't lose it until we got to the restaurant...walked up the steps to where the ceremony/reception was going to be and then I was soooo hot.  I asked for a drink.  My dad thought I meant an alchoholic drink and went nuts.... Nope... I just wanted some water...then

I could see slightly into the ceremony/reception area and people were peeking to look at me...and I got overwhelmed and embarassed {I hate to be the center of attention} so by the time I started to walk down the aisle, I pretty much was in tears.  Not because I wasn't happy...not because I didn't love my husband and want to be married... but because every single person was staring at me.  So I cried.

{Madison {our daughter) was my maid of honor and our nephew, Owen who was our ring bearer.  My husband also had a best man.  That is it.  Small, simple, and casual}
{Our guests watching the ceremony...we encouraged shorts and Polos and sundresses and flip fanch schmancy stuff here}
{Chris presented Madison with a Lisa Leonars designs necklace we had made to symbolize our new family}
{We are husband and wife}
{My immediate family - my parents and my sister with her husband and children}

{Here I am...a crying mess...stupid Blogger messed up the order and I can't get it to go to the right place}

We had a steel drum band...which was going to be fabulous out on the beach.  They moved inside.  To this day I have no memory of the song they played while I walked down the aisle.  Not to mention immediately after the ceremony...we went outside for by the time we got back in they were done.  We had only reserved them for the ceremony on the we heard very little.

{All photos are from Amy Sandoval Photography}

The photos got all screwd up when I added captions... so I apologize in advance.  I will have one more post tomorrow to share our wedding reception...candy...dancing...and fabulous food :)

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