Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life is GOOD ~ What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am linking up with This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday... and today is a GOOD one.

1. I am loving that today is our last Wednesday in Virginia Beach.  We move on Friday...will be spending 2 days with my parents...and then get to our new house Monday morning.  I will miss my co-workers, friends, our home, and all of the fun places to shop and eat at.  But, I am so open to all of the opportunities moving will provide.

2. I am loving my positive experience at the doctor's today. I posted awhile back about my struggles with having a baby.  Today was finally my appointment.  I have a nurse practitioner I see as my gynecologist and she is amazing.  She's like a girlfriend and she is super easy to talk to and down to Earth.  I shared my issues with her today and she was so positive and amazing.  She said everything appears to be fine.  She told me to relax and to stop peeing on sticks (easier said than done). I have been down in the dumps about this recently...and I left her office today with a renewed sense of faith and hope.  She ran some tests today and I go back for one more test in the morning.  We'll talk via phone once we move about the results and what to do next...if anything.

3. I am loving lots of visits with friends before we move.  We've had lots of fun lunches, little shopping trips, and even a trip last night to Chuck E Cheese. We went earlier this week to visit Madison's French teacher who just had a baby.  We brought them glazed spice apple muffins.  Madison was thrilled to hold baby Joseph.  He was crying.  Madison held him and rocked him and soon he was fast asleep.

4. I am loving having my husband home.  After 6 weeks of being apart (even though we saw one another twice during the separation) because he was working in Rhode Island my husband flew home this afternoon to help with the move.  It is so nice to have him back home.  We had dinner tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings with two sets of friends and their boys, Austin and Connor {seen below}.  Then we went out for frozen yogurt.  Our family will sure miss these families and their sweet boys.

5. I am loving that I got an awesome email today in regards to my little etsy shop about designing some wedding invitations for a customer.  I cannot wait to get started.

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Sarah said...

That new home looks GORGEOUS! good luck with the move and I hope everything goes smoothly! And, I love your family :) they are so adorable! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!