Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Details of my First Baking Job w/ Lots of Photos

Back in late June I was a little surprised/flattered when I received a text from my friend Amy asking me if I would be willing to do her cupcakes for her July 16th wedding.  Amy and I were roommates our sophomore/junior years in college and have kept in touch ever since.  She actually attended my wedding last summer with her then fiance.

Amy and I planned a time in early July to meet for a taste test.  She really enjoyed the samples and she decided on 3 flavors for the cupcakes and for her cut cake.

My mom's kitchen table set up for the taste test.

I then set out to get everything together.  I had to shop for all of the ingredients, purchase the cupcake liners, purchase ribbon to decorate the cupcake display boxes, and order boxes to transport the cupcakes.  See... I currently live about 3.5 hours from the wedding site.

I baked all day Thursday.  I ended up making 2 batches of pineapple carrot cupcakes (which later would be covered with cream cheese frosting), 1 batch of almond coconut cupcakes (which later would be covered with butter cream and coconut) and 3 batches of chocolate buttermilk cupcakes and a 3 layer 6 inch wedding cake (to later be covered with cream cheese frosting).

Madison was a great help and was in charge of the cupcake liners and assembling the boxes I ordered from Bake a Box.  Let me just say... I totally forget where I heard about this NC based company, but their customer service was top-notch, the boxes were so high quality, and the shipping was super fast.  I will definitely be ordering again.

My little helper... who incidently had on a cupcake shirt.

Friday we loaded up the car with 150 cupcakes and the cake to travel to my mom's where I would make the frosting and frost and decorate everything.  The ride was supposed to take 3.5-4 hours.  It took 6.  The highway shut down at one point after we had been sitting there for 2 hours.  I wanted to scream.

My car packed and ready to go.

We got to my mom's.  After I rested for a bit I dove into frosting and decorating.

I opened up a tutorial on frosting a layer cake that I had pinned on Pinterest to follow.

The chocolate buttermilk cupcakes packed up for delivery.

One of the chocolate buttermilk cupcakes

Saturday afternoon my husband and I delivered everything to the country club the wedding was being held at and started to set up.  We were lucky in that we got to return a few hours later to attend the wedding.

The three of us about to leave for the wedding.

I made this sign to let the guests know the different flavor choices

A close up of the coconut cupcakes.

The bride and groom about to cut the cake.

The cake after the cut a little piece to feed to one another.

It was an amazing success.  The bride and the groom loved the display and the taste of their cake and the cupcakes.  It was nice to see other guests reactions to the display and to see how much the enjoyed the cupcakes.  I am so thankful for the opportunity Amy and Scotty gave me to do this.  I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

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Kris said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!! I love your display!!! GREAT JOB!!!!