Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Super Sunday

Today was our last Sunday in Virginia Beach.

We met Kara and Connor from Happy Go Lucky at California Pizza Kitchen for a super tasty lunch.

Then we wandered around the fabric store.

Then I took Madison to the mall.  We stopped first at Barnes & Noble... $53.00 later she picked up two books, I picked up two books for my nephew, and this book I have been wanting to read since I read an excerpt in People magazine.

Then we headed to Old Navy to use up a Groupon.  Madison ended up with two pairs of denim capris and a shirt - and I only paid about $7.00.

Then we went to Macy's...where we found this in the juniors department... so INAPPROPRIATE!! Who would buy this for their teenager anyways?

Then on our way out...because it is soooo hot here we stopped and each got a shaken passion fruit tea lemonade at Starbucks.

In a little bit I am going to bake pineapple carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Madison's French teacher had a baby who we are going to visit tomorrow and we are going to bring them a half dozen.

Then I am going to read and work on a few things around the house.

All and all it has been a great final Sunday here.

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