Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday!

I am linking up today for So What! Wednesday at Life After I Dew.

So what if we have eaten at Moes more time since my husband has been working out of town than we have in the past two years... we like it, it's somewhat good for you {well minus the cup of queso we get every time we go}, and it's affordable.  We went there today for lunch - they were giving away free cups of queso.

So what if after Moe's we went to Michael's Arts & Crafts...and I bought more stuff... that I don't need, but it was on sale, or on clearance, I had a coupon, and I wanted it.  I do have some fun crafty ideas in mind for my purchases.

So what if our movers come in 8 days...and I have done NOTHING to prepare.  Meaning... my bedroom closet still looks like a mild episode of Hoarders.  The positive is once they come... the movers will pack up the entire house.  Thank god.

So what if today when I called to get our gas shut off next week... the old man helping me couldn't hear worth a shit.  So when he read back my email address...and it was totally effed up, I just said, "yep...that's it", because I did not have the patience to repeat myself for the 25th time.

So what if I am slightly addicted to a new show my husband and I discovered when I visited Rhode Island earlier this month called Hard Time.  It's a reality show about prison life and I love watching it.

So what if I still have no definite clue as to how I will be bringing in some sort of income once we move... I've got lots of leads...and a really great one that sorta fell into my lap last night... but nothing definite.  I am trusting that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

So what if the 4 out of the 5 books I bought to read this summer have not been read.  I must work on this.

So what if I am too lazy to look for fun photos to go along with today's post...

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Just the Two of US said...

I love your so whats! cracks me up!