Friday, July 29, 2011

Insta-Friday & Moving Sucks

I really want to post about the catastrophe our move has been... but will wait until I have calmed down... But I will say this... moving sucks.  Graebel Movers sucks.  I will definitely be sharing more details soon... as I am sure I will have plenty time... as I sit and wait for our stuff to I was know told it's coming later than scheduled... augh.....

I love my iPhone.  I love instagram.  I love taking photos with my iPhone and turning them into instagram photos.

As you can probably tell I also like to make some words larger and add lots of these ... when I post.

I am trying to add in a little humor... when I really want to cry... but I am at Panera (because I couldn't sit for one second longer at the house waiting for the movers) ... and it would be weird if I cried in Panera.  I wish Panera served alcohol... I don't usually drink, but if they served alcohol... I sure would have ordered something.

I had this instead... the Bacon Turkey Bravo...minus tomato -

This morning...when we learned the movers would be delayed... we all took a nap.  Here is Maddie... she was at the end of our bed...and her pillow had fallen off -

Here is another photo I took of our house yesterday morning -

Hopefully... now that the moving truck has arrived and my husband is at home dealing with it... the rest of the evening will go smoothly.  The rest of the evening includes a 3.5 hour ride to my parent's house...

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