Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Randoms

Here are some things going on in our lives...

I painted this monogrammed canvas this weekend to match with the new fabric I bought for our new living room. I love how it turned out -

I also painted these blocks and stamped letters on them to spell out words.  These will also end up in the new living room -

I have my first real baking job this weekend.  I am going the wedding cake and cupcakes for my former college roommate's wedding.  I am so thankful for the opportunity she has given me and feel honored to be baking for her wedding.  They chose to go with a chocolate buttermilk cake with cream cheese icing for their cake to cut.  Guests will be served a choice of three cupcake flavors - chocolate buttermilk with cream cheese frosting, coconut cake with butter cream frosting, or pineapple carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  I have a lot of grocery shopping and baking ahead of me in the upcoming days.

I am trying to get as much time in as possible at our neighborhood pool before we move.  It is never crowded and we are usually the only guests there...like today.  Madison and I went for a few hours yesterday with her friend Nikayla.

Can I once again proclaim my un-affiliated love for Groupon.  I had a not so hot experience with a recent Groupon I purchased from a place that turns photos into canvas (Picture it on Canvas).  It was my second time ordering from them.  The first time I had a great experience...this time not so much.  Think unanswered emails, false promises, and a super long time to receive my canvas...  I emailed Groupon and within a few hours I had a full refund for the price of the Groupon.  They have fabulous customer service at Groupon and therefore I will continue my obsession with buying Groupons.  All I wanted was to get this photo put on canvas in a timely manner --

I cannot even count how many times Madison and I have dined at Moe's since my husband has been working out of town...probably way more times than we ate there when he was here.  Back when I was a single mom...we ate there all of the time.  It is one of her favorite places.  It is affordable and we like the food...plus I don't have to cook.  I am trying to get my fridge cleaned out so I can store cupcakes for this wedding.  Tonight the burritos were only $5...so I had mine in a bowl.  They had a sign up today that said on July 20th...you get a free cup of queso with your purchase.  I texted my husband to share and he said "I guess I know where you all will be on the 20th".  Ummm...yep.

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