Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12 - My Pumpkin Bagel Experience

Over the weekend Madison and I went to visit some family in Massachusetts.  On Sunday morning my aunt had these awesome limited edition pumpkin spice bagels for breakfast.  They were fabulous.

So today when I went grocery shopping I knew I wanted a bag.  So there I was pushing my cart up the bread aisle and I stop at the bagels.  I find the pumpkin spice ones and go to grab a bag and while I am doing this... an older lady practically charges up, swipes the other three bags into her cart, mutters that they are her granddaughter's favorite, and hurries off.  Umm... excuse me.  Am I wrong for thinking this was rude? If I am grocery shopping and I approach something that someone else is looking at, I patiently wait, or I may say something to the effect of, "Excuse me, may I just grab a can of corn?"  I have never ever just grabbed every single one of an item another customer was shopping for.  Had I wanted 4 and there were only 4 left and she was there also, I never ever would have taken all four.

Am I crazy?

Or was this rude?

By the way.... if you like pumpkin, pick up a pack of these bagels because they are fabulous... just watch out for bagel hogs.

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B. Wilson said...

OMG, what a crazy lady! I would have had words for her and I wouldn't have been shy about it.

People never cease to shock me with their actions and words. My life lately has been a study of human behavior, I feel. And people are not erring on the side of positive if you ask me!

And also, those bagels sound awesome! I should look into our stores around here for some. I feel like I've been living in a hole the last few years because this years seems to be bursting with pumpkin-flavored everything!