Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Night Randoms...

~I got a work assignment for my new job on Monday.  I received an Excel file that I had to go over and verify some things.  I worked on it Monday night and Tuesday morning.  Tonight I finished one more thing on it and went to send it via email to my boss. It was missing. I looked everywhere for it.  I posted on Facebook for help.  I googled about it.  Nothing worked.  I had to re-do the entire thing.  The light at the end of the tunnel as far as this goes is that it didn't take me as long the 2nd time, I really feel like I "get" this process for my next assignment, and I will be 110% sure to save save save my files the next time.

~Madison wanted Eiffel Tower cupcakes for her 12th birthday.  I ordered the candy molds and melted purple chocolates to make little Eiffel Tower candies to use as toppers.  It wasn't until they were finished and I shared them on Facebook when someone mentioned and I kind of realized.... they also kind of look like something else stuck on top.  Thankfully nobody mentioned that to Madison when she brought them in to school today... they did however mention it when Chris brought in a dozen to work today.

~Tomorrow I am working at the book fair for four hours at Madison's school.  It will be good to get out of the house and to be social for a little bit.  I wasn't very productive today.  I wasn't feeling well. I pretty much just caught up on my shows from my DVR while Chris and Maddie were at work and school.


B. Wilson said...

Gotta be honest... at first glance, it definitely looked like the "other" thing you referred to. Thankfully you chose purple candy. ;)

kristiemichelle said...

I didn't even notice the other thing until pointed out! Still very beautiful cupcakes! :)