Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 14 - The Direct TV Guy PEED on my Floor!

Let me just say since moving to Rhode Island our experience with Direct TV has been less than satisfactory.  I won't go into detail how we sat around all day when they were scheduled to hook up our service and never came, the countless phone calls, being on hold, etc... the set up process was a nightmare.

Last Thursday (over a week ago) my bedroom TV started doing weird stuff and I couldn't get a picture.  It kept saying "Searching for Satellite".  So my husband called.  The earliest they could come out was Monday.... so almost 5 days with no bedroom TV.

The guy comes on Monday (which was a holiday).  By the way, he was scheduled between 8-12 and he came at 12:30...even though my husband and I got up at 8... it always works like that.    He says the issue is with the DVR in my bedroom.  But he doesn't have a new DVR he has to go to another town to get one.   Mind you I have tons of recorded shows on there I haven't watched it and all of my favorite trash reality series scheduled to record on a weekly basis.  GONE... all of it.  He comes back at 3:30.  Now we have been stuck in the house on a holiday dealing with this mess for 7.5 hours.  He replaces the DVR and says all is well.

Before dinner I went into the bathroom and noticed pee all over the floor in front of the seat.  I blame my husband... who thinks I am crazy and reminds me we have lived together for awhile and I have never found pee on the floor.  He tells me the Direct TV guy had used our hall bathroom.


How do you pee on the floor at a customer's house?

Later that evening the living room TV starts doing the same thing my TV had been doing.  Seriously? We call again.  We are told that a special department will be calling us because of our issue.

Tuesday morning and I hear from the special department... who calls right as a pull into the garage with groceries.  I explain the issue to her and she says one of their top guys will be out on Wednesday between 12-4.

On Wednesday the "top" guy calls around 9:30, he is in the area, and comes by early.  Great! He is nice and friendly and I tell him the pee story from the other day.  I want to make it clear early on he will not be allowed in our bathroom.  He goes on to tell me that the DVR didn't need to be replaced.  Really??? He says it is an issue with something in the basement.  He "fixes" it and goes on about his way.

I watch a recorded episode of the Kardashian wedding special in the living room on the DVR.  When it ends I try to turn on TLC.... and it isn't working again.  At this point I am fuming, I text my husband, he is pissed too.  This is getting old.

I call them back.  They assure me there will be no charge for someone to come out.  Really? Thanks... because I had no intention on paying for it.  I have been inconvenienced twice already and you still do not have anyone capable of fixing the problem.  So apparently "the top guy" is coming out today to fix our ongoing issue.  I am told everything will be on the truck to complete the job.  They will do a 25 point check.... blah blah blah.  I just want it fixed.  We pay way too much money to have this not working.


Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

Makes me love my Time Warner. I used to hate TWC until I started hearing the nightmares from Direct TV and Plex (something our local phone company offers). I have gotten excellent service from my people. I am not sure that I wouldn't have called and raised a little h- e- double chopsticks about the pee....

B. Wilson said...

Hahah. Wow. We have U-verse and previously Comcast. Sounds like D-TV is not for me, especially if some schmuck finds it acceptable to piss on my floor! Ick!

I'd be demanding a free month of service and the works. ;)