Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 16 & 17 - Monday Morning Ramblings....

I'm combining days 16 and 17  because I forgot to blog yesterday.... it just slipped my mind.


*My first meeting for my new job is today at 9:15.  I think I will just have to introduce myself and then it will be a lot of listening... I have to call in from my phone and log in from my computer. 

*After my meeting ends I am taking a nap.  I was up most of the night last night because I didn't feel well and couldn't sleep and I am exhausted.

*I had a repeat customer place an order last night from my baking business.  That makes me super happy.  I am making these little goodies for Madison's school's bake sale... how cute are they?  I made a sample one last week.  It is a split chocolate cupcake layered with butter cream frosting, sprinkles, and a candy pumpkin.

*My mom is flying into town on Friday.  I am letting Maddie stay home from school and we are going to pick her up from the airport.  Then we will do lunch and some shopping.  Saturday we have to go to my cousin's bridal shower in Boston... so that should be fun. 

*Sunday we are taking Maddie to the Melting Pot for her birthday dinner.  She won't be 12 until Tuesday but we wanted to celebrate while my mom was here.  She is currently obsessed with anything French so I ordered these candy molds on Amazon last week.  They should arrive tomorrow.  I am going to make little Eiffel Tower candies to use as toppers for birthday cupcakes.

* I am beginning to think of Christmas card ideas for this year.  I am not sure if I want to order them or if I want to design my own.  I am kind of holding out to see if Shutterfly does that great deal for bloggers again... where if you blog about their Christmas cards you get a free set.  Has anyone heard anything?


I am linking this post up over at lowercase letters for Miscellany Monday.


*This morning once Madison left for school I put this BBQ chicken in the crock pot.  I hope it turns out good. 

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Debbie said...

I make the BBQ Chicken all the time but I tweak it just a little. Everyone loves it.